How To Make a Deposit On Hugo's Way

Modified on: Mon, 10 Apr, 2023 at 12:00

Hugo’s Way offers the option to deposit using your Card or a Bank Wire Transfer using a Bitcoin via Instacoins, as well as Bitcoin as the primary deposit method.

You can only use the Bitcoin address we provide you with once. You will get a new Bitcoin address every time you request a payment.

We do not process Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions.  

To deposit funds, simply log into your Hugo's Way account, select the ‘Deposit Funds’ option from your user dashboard, and choose your preferred deposit method.

For Bitcoin deposits, proceed to input the amount you want to deposit and click ‘Deposit’. 

Next, a Bitcoin wallet address will be shown to you. Send the funds you want to deposit to that address, and they will be loaded into your account automatically as soon as they are received. 

Note: The wallet address provided will expire if unused after 15 mins. Please request a new address for future deposits.

For the Credit/Debit card or Wire deposit options, proceed by clicking on the second option "Fast Deposit via Instacoins" this will direct you to a third-party website. Here, you will need to create an account and purchase Bitcoin, which will automatically be sent to your Hugo’s Way account.

Note - Bitcoin deposits need to be confirmed on the Blockchain 3-6 times for you to receive the funds. This can typically take 1-6 hours.

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